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Welcome to W. W. Estes Elementary School, where our mission is to “grow leaders one child at a time.” Our Leader in Me program lays the foundation for our students to not only grow academically but also be healthy, engaged, responsible, and caring people. At Estes, we are learners, we are leaders, and we are family. Our faculty and staff strive to model the 7 habits and encourage the students to use them to become active, engaged partners in their own education.

Estes is the largest K-4 elementary school in Buncombe County, home to approximately 740 students and 110 faculty/staff members. We have a host of resources to help support our students and their families including 2 full time counselors, a full time mental health therapist, an SRO, 3 full time EC teachers, 2 full time EL teachers, and a full time speech therapist. Our curriculum includes Wit & Wisdom for our literacy program, and Math Investigations for our math program. We also have a fully equipped STEAM lab. All students at Estes will have their very own digital device for the 2018-19 school year. As a Leader in Me school, Estes is a wonderful school for students to develop strategies for lifelong success.

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2023-21 Kindergarten Registration
Posted on 06/15/2023
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Roberson Summer 2023 Resources
Posted on 06/04/2023
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